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Eritrean nationals abroad celebrate Independence Day anniversary

Asmara, Eritrean nationals residing in Belgium, Norway, the US and Zambia have enthusiastically celebrated the 28th Independence Day anniversary under the theme Resilience for Higher Progress.

At the celebratory event the nationals in Brussels commending for the significant development achievements …

Sudanese Tea Seller Supports Protesters with Free Food, Drinks

KHARTOUM Protesters in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, have been holding a sit-in since April 6, demanding the military hand power to civilians. The demonstrators have been sustained through lengthy negotiations and armed attacks by donations of food and drinks, many distributed

Eritrea focuses on Italy. What does Italy do?

In Eritrea await the visit of Italian Foreign Minister Moavero to move on to greater concreteness of projects related to the infrastructural development of the country. Eritrea focuses on Italy, but what is the role of Rome in the region?…

South Sudan Reacts Angrily to Renewed UNSC Sanctions

JUBA/WASHINGTON South Sudan’s government is reacting angrily to the United Nations Security Council’s move to renew sanctions on that country for another year, including an arms embargo. A South Sudan official warned continuing sanctions would weaken the government and embolden

Ambassador Eritrea: we are waiting the visit by Moavero to carry out projects

Rome(askanews) – “Eritrea focuses on Italy” to have the necessary support for the infrastructural development of the Country and the Horn of Africa region, and “we are waiting for the visit of the Minister (of Foreign Affairs Enzo, ed) Moavero

Al-Jazeera Says Sudan Shut Down Bureau Amid Sit-In Threat

KHARTOUM, SUDAN The satellite news channel Al-Jazeera said Friday that Sudan shut down its bureau, just as the country’s military government warned that the Khartoum sit-in that helped bring about former ruler Omar al-Bashir’s ouster had “become a threat to